💀 The Crow 💀black chapel veil


Epically beautiful gothic fantasy chapel veil


This beautifully dark fantasy veil is a gothic dream. It features a black satin banner bearing the vow, “‘Til Death Do Us Part” in metallic silver, held aloft by two soaring crows.

Red roses glitter on sumptuous green vines as they tumble across the centre and down from the crown to meet a victorian style optical illusion on the train: look closely and you’ll see a black crow silhouetted against a silvery moonlit woodland clearing; as you move away, the scene transforms into a macabre human skull.

Perfect for goth brides, Halloween weddings and anyone who wants to exude witchy vibes on aisle. Consider it the villainous twin of my Happily Ever After veil.

This chapel length (96″) veil is an intricately embroidered single layer of black tulle with a clear plastic comb attachment. I make each one to order so please message me if you would prefer different colours (the roses would look amazing in silver and/or purple), length, attachment, etc.


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