Bridal nun chic

Winter’s Wedding Words: veil Veil comes via French from the Latin velum, meaning a sail, covering or curtain. In the bridal sense, it originates from an Old French term for the head-covering worn by nuns. I wonder if there was an association there with (assumed) virginity but I can’t find any evidence to confirm or…

What to bring to your dress fitting

Your dress is a good start. It’s finally happened. I’ve had brides arrive for wedding dress fittings without their shoes or underskirt several times but today brought a first: a bride just arrived for her without… her dress. It’s absolutely not her fault; she’s storing it at her parents’ house and her dad handed her…

How Ambimetric Are You?

Are you ambimetric? The chances are that if you were born between 1977 and 1983, you are. I just uploaded a short hyperlapse Reel showing the making of one the floral embellishments for my Happily Ever After veil. While fingers, beads and threads blurred, the clear constant throughout all 18 seconds was my scarred, tortured,…

Am I right to be angry?

Genuine question. Here’s another: is this even appropriate? I’ve just come out of a wedding dress fitting with a bride who loved her dress bit now wants me to restyle the neckline of her dress because the priest (Catholic, if it’s relevant) conducting her church ceremony asked her: “How revealing is your dress?” Consequently, she…


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