Being kind (and smug)

I try to work as ethically and sustainably as possible.


I will always offer you fabric options including reclaimed (e.g. deconstructed gowns), recycled (e.g. polyester made from recycled plastics) and deadstock fabrics (left over from large manufacturers and would otherwise go to landfill) where I can.

I do use animal products including silk, feathers and leather but will source vegan alternatives or e.g. peace silk if you prefer. I don’t use animal fur.

I send offcuts I can’t use to other crafters and charities that create burial gowns for stillborn and neonatal babies from wedding dresses. Anything else goes to charities that collect fabrics for recycling.


For shipped orders, my branded tissue paper is made from recycled fibres and eco-friendly inks, my mailing boxes are recycled cardboard and my waterproof mailbags are made from cornstarch and are 100% compostable. Oh, and my supplier plants a tree for every order I make too.

“Holly put a handwritten note in with the package; you don’t get that kind of care and love in work any more”

Kristina Hernandez, Minnestota, USA, March 2022

Smug Mode engaged