Oh My Stars! Colour changing glitter veil

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Magical colour-changing stars on a glittering veil!


Are your eyes deceiving you or did that veil just change colour?

This magical glittering ivory veil is strewn with stars in ivory, white and sparkling metallic silver. Then step out into the sun and watch as some of those ivory heavenly bodies transform to bright purple!

Oh My Stars! is my very first adventure with solar embroidery thread, creating embroidery designs that are ivory indoors but change to purple (seen here), while others become pink, turquoise, orange or yellow in direct sunlight or UV light.

If you’d prefer a different colour, or ALL of the colours (why not?!), just leave a note at check-out with your preference. Similarly, if you’d prefer a plain tulle or a different colour for the veil, feel free to ask me for it before you buy (the answer is probably yes!).

Please allow three weeks for me to make your veil, plus postage from the UK. If you need yours quicker, please message me as I may be able to complete one for you sooner.

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Waltz – 60", Fingertip – 42", Chapel – 96", Cathedral – 120"


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